Community Economic Development Strategic Plan

Posted on Thursday August 23, 2018


The City of Temiskaming Shores is a vibrant community on the shores of Lake Temiskaming. The former municipalities of Haileybury, New Liskeard and Dymond Township amalgamated, at their own initiative in 2004, to become one of the larger centres in Northern Ontario. The City is home to approximately 10,000 residents but is the economic and service hub to a region of approximately 32,500 people.

There has been no formal economic plan since the amalgamation process took place, but Council now wishes to create a strategic direction for growth of the community to maximize the benefits of the limited financial and staffing resources available to development. The plan will consider what best short term (1 to 3 year) opportunities are available for growth as well as what sectors are most suited for longer term (5 – 10 years) growth in the community.

The Plan will need to consider the demographics of the community and region and identify how the City will address the shortage of potential labour as we have an aging demographic. The Plan will assist Council and staff to understand the action steps required to ensure that the Plan is carried out in a way that will ensure the sustainability of the community into the future. The Plan will also implement the recommendations of The Places to Grow Act: Growth Plan for Northern Ontario (2011) (herein after referred to as the “Growth Plan”) to ensure that the City is recognized by the Province of Ontario as the economic and service hub for the surrounding region.

Community Economic Development is a multi-faceted strategic process that influences the growth and restructuring of a community’s economy to enhance its economic well- being. It can be described in terms of greater prosperity and improvement of quality of life.

The Community Economic Development Advisory Committee’s (CEDAC) mandate is to provide Municipal Council with advice and recommendations on matters relating to community economic development. These recommendations are aimed at fostering and promoting a positive community image, an enhanced quality of life, prosperity by means of sustainable community development and a healthy business environment.

The City of Temiskaming Shores is clearly the economic and service hub of the region and this can even extend to the neighbouring Province of Quebec. Although the recent community development work undertaken by the City has yielded some positive results, the potential for development is much greater than perceived by many. Future community economic development work done by the City must be part of a clear action plan with defined measurable activities that respond to the needs of all sectors. When done effectively, community economic development is focused and often yields efficiencies.