Municipal Fire Ban

Posted on Tuesday July 23, 2019

Public Service Announcement
July 23, 2019
For Immediate Broadcast
Municipal Fire Ban
Due to the extreme forest fire hazard in our area, the City of Temiskaming Shores has
implemented a municipal fire ban.
Under the fire ban, all burning permits are suspended and all open-air fires within City
boundaries are prohibited, including fires for cooking and warmth. Persons must make alternate
provisions for cooking and warmth, such as using propane stoves or charcoal burners intended
for that use.
The municipal fire ban in the City of Temiskaming Shores takes effect immediately and will
remain in effect until further notice.
The Temiskaming Shores Fire Department would like to thank all residents for their
cooperation during this period.
For more information call 705-672-3363
For Further Information, please contact:
Timothy H. Uttley, CEMC
Fire Chief
705-72-3363 ext. 4701