Skate Sharpening Booth – Don Shepherdson Memorial Arena

Posted on Thursday July 11, 2019

The overall objective of the Request for Proposal is to secure a lessee/contractor to operate the Skate Sharpening Booth located at the Don Shepherdson Memorial Arena. It is the intent of the City of Temiskaming Shores to enter into a three-year agreement with a lessee/contractor for the rental of the space.

The City of Temiskaming Shores leases space in the Don Shepherdson Memorial Area for the purposes of operating a Skate Sharpening Booth.

The Corporation of the City of Temiskaming Shores shall hereinafter be referred to as the City.

To receive consideration, the proposal must be submitted on the forms supplied, written in ink, and delivered to the City of Temiskaming Shores no later than 2:00 pm local time on Thursday, July 25th 2019 and addressed as follows:
City of Temiskaming Shores
P.O Box 2050
325 Farr Drive
Haileybury, Ontario
P0J 1K0
Attention: David Treen, Municipal Clerk “CS-RFP-002-2019 Skate Sharpening Booth – Don Shepherdson Memorial Arena”

  • Late Proposals will not be accepted;
  • Proposals by fax or email will not be accepted;
  • Partial Proposals are not accepted;
  • The City reserves the right to accept or reject any or all Proposals, to waive informalities, irregularities or other deficiencies in any Proposal and to accept a Proposal which does not conform strictly to the requirements of the Proposal documents;
  • The City reserves the right to accept any Proposal it considers advantageous;
  • The City recognizes that “best value” is the essential part of purchasing a product and/or service and therefore the City may prefer a Proposal with a higher price, if it offers greater value and better serves the City’s interests, as determined by the City, over a Proposal with a lower price. The lowest-priced proposal will not necessarily be accepted and the City’s decision shall be final.
  • The City reserves the right to enter into negotiations with a Contractor and any changes to the Proposal that are acceptable to both parties will be binding.
  • The City reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to disqualify any Proponent for past work history or reputation.
  • The Proposals shall be valid for 30 (thirty) days from submission date.

Any questions with respect to the Request for Proposal are to be directed to:

Shelly Zubyck
Director of Corporate Services
City of Temiskaming Shores
325 Farr Drive
Temiskaming Shores, ON P0J 1K0
Phone: (705) 672-3363 ext. 4107
Fax: (705) 672-3200