Industrial Services–Haileybury WWTP

Posted on Monday June 10, 2019

The objective of the Request for Quotation is to solicit quotations from qualified contractors for the
custom fabrication and installation of an aluminum weir notch ring for Plant No. 1 and the custom
fabrication and installation of sectional aluminum checker plate covers for Plant No. 2. In addition,
a quotation is also required for repairs to the airline header feeding Plant No. 2.

Submissions must be in hard copy and submitted to the following address:
City of Temiskaming Shores
P.O Box 2050
325 Farr Drive
Haileybury, Ontario
P0J 1K0
Attention: David B. Treen, Clerk “PW-RFQ-005-2019 Industrial Services–Haileybury

The closing date for the submission of Quotations will be at 2:00 pm local time on Tuesday July
2, 2019.
? Quotations shall be in ink; late Quotations will not be accepted;
? Quotations by fax will not be accepted;
? Partial Quotations are not accepted;
? The City reserves the right to accept or reject any or all Quotations;
? The lowest priced quotation will not necessarily be accepted;
? The City reserves the right to enter into negotiations with a firm and any changes to the

Quotation that are acceptable to both parties will be binding.
? The Quotations shall be valid for 30 (thirty) days from submission date.

Any questions with respect to the specifications are to be directed to:
Steve Burnett
Technical Environmental Compliance Coordinator
City of Temiskaming Shores
325 Farr Drive
Temiskaming Shores, ON P0J 1K0
Phone: (705) 672-3363 ext. 4132
Fax: (705) 672-3200