User Fees


Recreation Non-Resident User Fee Policy for Municipal Arena Users


The City of Temiskaming Shores Recreation Non-Resident User Fee Policy provides a consistent implementation of the fee for participating in activities in municipally operated facilities and municipally implemented programs/activities for those who do not pay taxes to the City of Temiskaming Shores.


The City of Temiskaming Shores is a center for recreational facilities and programs that are enjoyed by residents and non-residents of the City of Temiskaming Shores.  The city recognizes the benefit of recreational activities to the community and to the participants.  The municipal annual operating budget aims to set fees for the use of facilities and participation in programs/activities that assist in covering the operating and capital upgrade costs while still maintaining that costs to the participant do not limit participation.  Subsidization of recreation facilities and programs/activities are subsidized in the range of 30 to 60% depending on the facility/program/activity.  Capital upgrades are covered by the municipal tax base with on occasion, assistance from government funded programs.

 Organizations Subject to the Fee:

  • Temiskaming Shores Minor Hockey
  • New Liskeard Figure Skating Club
  • Haileybury Figure Skating Club
  • New Liskeard Lions Midget Hockey Club
  • New Liskeard Cubs Hockey Club
  • All programs/activities hosted by the City of Temiskaming Shores  

*As new facilities and programs are introduced the policy will apply.

Municipal Arena Users

I. The fee is applied to participants who do not pay taxes to the City of Temiskaming Shores.  

II. The fee will be applied per household and covers all programs the participants are registered in annually that are held at a Temiskaming Shores arena.    For example, a household with two children with one registered in Minor Hockey and one in Figure Skating pay one fee per year. (not per child)

 III. It is the responsibility of the registrant to provide proof of payment of the non-resident fee to another organization.  For example, if the fee has been paid to NLFSC, then the registrant would be required to provide a copy of the receipt/registration form etc... To TSMHA to show the fee has already been paid.  Proof of payment forms will be available at registration.

IV. A map indicating the boundaries of Temiskaming Shores will be posted at in-person registration sessions as well as on the city website. The policy will also be posted on the municipal website and the city encourages minor sport organizations to post on the organizations website to ensure the public is informed. Municipal Bounry Map can be found here.

 V. Upon registration with the sport organization, proof of payment of taxes (or of ownership or of tenancy) may be requested. (i.e. Government issued identification with physical address, receipt from landlord) If you are a Business Owner/Operator contact the municipality directly to determine if you qualify for an exemption to the non-resident fee.  The exemption does not apply to vacant land taxes.


I. Minor Sport Organizations are required to collect the fee and forward payment to the City of Temiskaming Shores no later than December 1st of each year.

Rate and Review

I. The rate of the non-resident fee will be determined annually in conjunction with the municipal annual operating budget and fees are set in the “Schedules of Departmental User Fees and Services for the City of Temiskaming Shores.

 II. As per the Canada Revenue Agency in terms of Recreational programs, supplies of membership fees and services for recreational programs established and operated by a municipality and/or non-profit organizations are GST/HST exempt if they consist of supervised instructional classes or activities involving athletics, outdoor recreation, music, dance, crafts, arts, hobbies, or other recreational pursuits in the following circumstances: you provide them primarily to children 14 years of age or under and it does not involve overnight supervision throughout a large part of the program; or you provide them primarily to individuals who are underprivileged or who have a disability.  As a result the 13% HST is charged to all participants over the age of 14 years.

III.  The policy will be reviewed every five years.


For more information please contact the Recreation Office  

705-672-3363 ext. 4106